We are DIGITURG Digital Marketing LLP.

DIGITURG is a digital marketing firm, that focuses in making your brand digitally available. We promote your brand with all the online platforms available so that you have the best reach in the market and get the maximum benefit of your marketing campaigns.

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We have more than 2 years of experience in digital marketing industry, and have helped more than 25+ companies to grow their business satisfactorily.

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About us

In a world that is dominated by digital media, we know how important it is to make one’s presence felt, and positively in that, on social networking sites.

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Our Experience

We are a team who support your brand with Digital values and grow them like our own brand.

Our mentors have a combined experience of 10+ years in the field working with various firms and providing the best digital solution in the space. They understand the need of digital media for all the at par level and wishes to make every business digital. We are promoter of the Digital India movement and wish to be the digital partner for India.


Worked on 2 major and 25+ minor projects in the lockdown by end of March.


Got our first client in mid of February


Got our first set of employees in February


Got an incubation center under Startup India in January


Inception of the Company in October.

Our Services

We offer a variety of services for the need of the brands and we focus on every category with uttermost priority so that the brands do not loose their brand value at any cost considering all the socio-economic factors.


It is very important for a company or freelancers to have their website. This infuses trust factor in the people. A website must be designed in a way to provide all the related information in the most concise way.

Social Media Marketing

In the race where every brand is going digital and putting their update every second, it is social media which can help them reach larger masses easily. Social media is a point where you reach out to many on a click with multimedia features.

Google Ads

Today, when the upcoming generation is always willing to find an answer over Google, it is very much important to get advertised on Google. Google Ads are very simple to run but if not managed properly, then it may prove fatal.

Disney+Hotstar Advertisement

The rise of OTT platform has converted the TV viewers towards these OTT. Putting an advertisement on these OTT are the essential need of the market. We provide end to end solution in OTT advertisement.


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